Monday 17 September 2007

Spa Resort No.2

This is from a couple of days ago when the sun was shining.. it's been raining for 2 days straight and we've been housebound, so I'm reminiscing!

This is another one of our favourite swimming spots at the local dam about a km from our house. Just as the other one has it's spa qualities, this one does not disappoint...stand under the waterfall for instant pressure massage! Best way to fight cellulite is to put your legs under the falls and let the water belt the hell out of your lumps! Pain in the name of beauty is not unknown to us women. Not that I have any said lumps (a-hem herm) just thinking of others, you know!..

Perhaps we should start a Dam Beautiful Natural Retreat...(I'm gonna copyright that, so don't be getting any ideas)...hmm, the mind is clinking and churning...

5 commentaramas:

Amy T said...

What a nice way to reminisce (spelling?) on a monsoon rainy day. How much longer to go til nice weather? A month and a half or so?

Carol said...

What a beautiful spot (Like the sound of the cellulite reduction....erm not that I have any either!!)

I miss the countryside!!

C x

Jenny Beattie said...

A booking for that Dam Beautiful Natural Retreat for me please!

Gorgeous pic.

Chris and Court said...

That's such a prettly place!! I'm just worried and wondering what type of creepy crawlies and snakes, etc are in the water??


Mel said...

Our rainy season is so funny this year, I don't know when it starts or finishes! 2 years ago this time was flooding, but now it's raining constantly for a few days then nothing for a few days! Climate change having an effect.

I'm seriously considering setting up a room or something for minitours and clay masks!!

Only creepy crawlies in the water are the human variety! It's really lovely here, nice shady area..