Sunday 30 September 2007

Paradise found in Southern Thailand...

I’ve discovered that heaven has been hiding out in Hat Yai…of course!! Why I didn’t think of it before….subtle, very subtle….masterful planning.

I’m not sure if it was the whole turning 30 thing, but I had a religious experience on Friday. Sitting on a high plateau of this gargantuan waterfall with a shear drop of more than 100 metres or so beneath me, looking out at this expansive, pristine forest with rain pouring down, the only sounds rushing water, birds rejoicing and rain pattering. Laying on an enormously flat sun warmed rock looking upside down at the masses of water rushing toward us, I felt like I could so easily just release the bonds that bind my molecules together and just be absorbed into the atmosphere. Intense? Maybe just a little…

It’s pretty magical that my unsurpassed favourite thing in the world…more so than coffee, chocolate and hot showers…is sitting in a waterfall in the rain…sigh, nothing can touch on the bliss of that…and the world provided! It was made all the more incredible by the fact that we were the only 2 people in the world for a couple of hours! I’m grateful that people are afraid of getting wet in the rain at a waterfall!

There are 7 levels to Ton Nga Chang Waterfall but we only made it to the 4th because it's pretty much straight up and the first day was raining and slippery and the second day was hot and lazy! There are waterholes on every level, some bigger than others, but all of them stunning. My crudarola camera obviously doesn't do justice to the gorgeousity of it all.

The bungalows in the national park are nice but basic, fan, cold shower, tv, fridge, ants by the was bloody awesome to sleep in (gooseless morning!) and so lovely to hear or the sounds of the forest.

Check out what my lovely husband surprised me with! Perhaps after 2 years of marriage he's finally getting romantic! How cute is this, seriously! Flowers and chocolate cake!! (if you look really closely at the tv you can get a glimpse of a sexy mofo Indian singer from the previous post!)

I really have to declare to the world that I love living in Thailand…there’s no fancy way of putting it…I just absolutely love my life…I must have done good last life, no doubt about it….it seriously sucks butt that I don’t have any friends here but really apart from that, I’m delirious!

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