Monday 3 September 2007

Market day...

Sunday is shopping day! I love all the markets around our village...there's a huge market every Friday afternoon that thousands go to and the Sunday market which is about a km from our house which sells everything. There's also markets on Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning and Friday morning but they are relatively small. All this food including Thai sweets, vegies, curry, Thai salad (in the bag), boiled rice for breaky, fresh soy milk still hot (in bags at the back) came to a whopping $4. Need you ask why I live here!

Photos include the Sunday market, the main street through our village, fresh fish, shellfish, live wriggling catfish, buying curry, my favourite vegie lady, and mountains of chilli!!

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Mister Kwai said...

I really like your blog. :)
Thank you for sharing with us your laugh of the day.

I have added your blog to my directory:


Mel said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I like your Thai commercials site...very funny! I've been trying to figure out how to get my header in the same form as that site with the pics both side...any suggestions??

Thanx for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to you for this blog:
i started by reading the post about the market and then I finally read all of them. :))
And just read about the yoghurt ;-p

Actually it's only one big picture(with some black in middle): I just use mspaint (in you start menu, choose run, and type mspaint.exe)

May I advise you to add social bookmark links to your blog: by getting backlinks you will promote your website. You deserve more visitors ;-) (look at Increase PR if you need more information about the procedure to follow, or come to chat with me and my friends one day on:


Mel said...

Thank you thank you for your advice! I've put the bookmark tags on my posts (obviously!) through your link.

I'll see how I go with changing the header as it's a bit boring as it is!

Thanks again, you're great!

Mister Kwai said...

Hi hi,

You should claim your blog there in technorati. Anyway I just faved it, but the author is anonymous :(

Concerning your template problem, you could use Effy's template which based on the template you're using. ( This template is almost the same as yours but there is no problem with neither with explorer nor with firefox.


Mel said...

I couldn't get that site to open!