Thursday 6 September 2007

Redemption is nigh...

Whilst pouring curry from a bag last night (more on the bag later), a dollop splashed into my eye. Now, if it had of been the non-spicy, coconut curry variety, I would have wiped it off and continued on my merry way...but noooo, it had to be the spiciest, burn your tootsy off Southern Yellow Curry. Normally, I'm not a wuss-bag BUT getting chilli in your eye feeping stings like a meeper feeper! So I start making all these Thai noises (it's impossible not to pick up these strangely communicative sounds living here!) "Oui Oui Weoi Oooy" which roughly translates to "It burns, oh how it burns, owww" and run outside to our only source of running water to splash my eye. Now, if I didn't have the essence of said curry on my finger tips the situation probably would have been alleviated! Anyhoo, getting to my point, my mother-in-law, hearing the distress call of the young, comes tearing outside and before I even have time for another ooy she's made an ad hoc eye bath and is plunging my face into it's depths. Through what I'm sure were sounds of fizzling and steam rising, the searing acid burning my eye stopped instantaneously! The blessed woman (oh haven't we changed our tune!) saved my eyeball!

Through over contemplation and hindsight, I've come to the conclusion that her act of kindness was borne out of AFMI (Adrenaline Fuelled Motherly Instincts). It's all about the noises I'm telling you!

Well, the woman's in my good books...for now anyways!

2 commentaramas:

Anonymous said...

Ao! Nia! Prick kao ta ler? Saap nae nae lewy!

You know you've been here long when you're making those noises by instinct. If I am pain, I most likely half english-half thai curse...but I guess your true test is to observe what noises you naturally make when you're doing certain activities with your husband, no need to get any more detail than that.


Mel said...

Geng Som're a bit naughty..I won't go there!!!