Friday 3 October 2008

In Oz...

Well, hasn't it just been forever and a day! I wonder if anyone still checks in at my lost and lonely blog these days...

Just for a one off update...J and I have been back in Australia on the east coast for almost 2 months, J got 2 jobs within the first 2 weeks of being here...both in Thai restaurants. He stopped working at one but is still happily working with other southern Thais in the other.

I have now got a permanent job starting on Monday, working for the government in the city, which I'm pretty stoked about...lots of perks and not too early starts!

We are both feeling very settled in and I am feeling fab.ul.ous about being back and having friends and having a social life again! Funnily enough (for all the long time readers) I've been invited to a karoke hen's night in 2 weeks time!! Karaoke!!! I just can't escape it!

I'm still thinking of making an Oz adventure blog but will wait til I've got time to is oh so very changed from the 'quiet' days in the village. Thanks to all who've been with me along the way, I hope you're all doing faboliciously wonderfully. xxxxxxx