Friday 24 August 2007

Chill'n with the fishies...

It was a hot one today but it's pissing down with rain now, so it's cooled my world down again. Went to the local creek for a swim today which we do a few times a week to cool down. It's a very rare event that southern Thailand gets below 30 degrees C in the day time, so it's very refreshing to go and lie down in the creek for an hour or so. There's also huge amounts of clay deposits so it's like a free spa..I give my husband and I a clay facial scrub followed up with application of a clay mask(!)...we then lie in the sun for 5 minutes until it dries, then unleash our freshly exfoliated, declayed faces to the world...well, the fish in the creek anyway. I just know one day a group of people are going to bust us in our beauty regime...not sure how J will explain himself. Perhaps they'll just think he's a ghost and run screaming (Thais fear of ghosts surpasses all!!).
This is what J thinks of me taking his photo in the middle of his facial!

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