Friday 7 September 2007

Rocket launchers?

Wow and holy crapolla...I got woken up at the crack of dawn this morning by fireworks about 5 metres from my bedroom window! It was like someone shooting me in the shook the whole house and scared the bejeezus out of about 100 village dogs who voiced their opinions about it. I wanted to join their howls myself, being pulled from my attendance at Johnny Depp's birthday party (freaky but strangely tantalizing dream!) so abruptly.

Most mornings I hear fireworks off in the distance, usually at the local temple or someone's house where someone died, but this was mega CLOSE proximity. They do it to signify the death of someone and the start of the funeral party. The old dude across the street died 3 days ago but the party (funeral) only starts today for it. Well actually the day he died, about 10 fellas set themselves up (with the son of the dude) for a gambling spree. The family of the old guy have openly told people that they're having a 7 day funeral (quite normal in Thailand) for the sole purpose of being able to gamble without police intervention! least they're honest about it...every huge funeral here is always host to gambling circles that go on all night and only pack up when guests start arriving the following day. Here are a few pics of the party just starting today and market stalls setting up across the street to sell sweets, nuts and fried chicken! Never ceases to amuse me that people set up stalls given any opportunity!

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