Monday 24 September 2007

Enhance your bits...

This is from a "family" mag titled "Good Couple" that J picked up yesterday. You too can look like an S & M robot with a broken neck for surprisingly little money...come to Thailand for enhancement surgery!

Hip & Breast enlargement by fat insertion 30 000
Non-surgical breast enlargement
30 000
Non-surgical hip enlargement
30 000 (they want them bigger..sigh, I'll give you some of mine)
Eyelid lift 7 000
Eyelid fold (create 2 folds in the eyelid) 7 000
Stretch crows feet 8 000
Remove eye bags 7 000
Nose lift (ala Michael Jackson style) 8 000
Nostril shaping 7 000
Dimples 5 000
Chin enlargement (lots of Thai actors get this one) 10 000
Cheek implants 5 000
Breast Implants 48 000
Lip thinning (they want smaller lips?!) 8 000
Stomach flattening 48 000
Nipple colouring 10 000
Botox 3 000
Jaw reduction 8 000 (also popular with actors)
Calf reduction (legs) 20 000
Make sweet smelling sweat (I kid you not!!) 20 000
These are over the page...
Cream for Lip pinkening 790
Cream for husband love 2 200 (gotta get me some of this one)
Vagina tightening 890 (you know you can afford it)
Cream for nipple colouring 790 (is this the new "in" thing to be doing? I'm so behind)
Penis hardening 2 200 (doesn't specify surgical or cream!)
Penis lengthening 1 800 (that seems ridiculously cheap to me...perhaps the surgeons have sympathy?)

All this with a satisfaction, money back guarantee!! All in Thai Baht too...that means I can get my lips tightened for $32!!....perhaps I'll just go for the dimples for $ do they fix the prices on these, seriously!

2 commentaramas:

Carol said...

Why is stomach flattening so expensive? Do you think it's because it's only fat, wealthy Farangs that need it?

So the Thai actors get chin enlargements and jaw reductions - I now have a very funny image in my head :-)

C x

Mel said...

You'll notice that breast implants are the same price - my thoughts exactly on the farangs coming for this surgery. But then again why are penis treatments so cheap??!!

The guy from Tom Yum Goong movie used to be a hottie but he has since had the chin/jaw thing done and now he just looks like everyone else..shame.