Friday 5 October 2007

Your 'How To' Guide for making coconut oil

So, this is how to make authentic, pure coconut oil from the tree to the bottle. First you get the coconuts. We have 8 coconut trees in the back yard that are always don't want to be walking in the garden when there's a breeze blowin'! Then when you've collected about 50 nutties you dehusk them with a crow bar like tool. Takes a bit of practice to get the right stab-open-twist rhythm going, but kinda fun (have I been here too long??). Then you crack them open with a heavy object and use this fierce looking contraption on the right that looks like a wire hair brush with bent nails in the centre, inside of a tin tub. Flick the power switch on and it's a rotating mincing machine! This is also what we do to make fresh coconut milk (no tins hoorah!). You can see the shredded coconut under MILs hands and it falls into a container on the ground. The first time I used this I was crapping myself that I'd get my hands shredded...imagining the nails gorging the tips of my fingers off..unless you see this thing in action you just can't appreciate the dangers!

Check out this lush pile of fresh coconut...arghlargl! I stole a few spoonfuls cos it's just mouth wateringly's like you can squeeze the coconut milk out with your tongue when it's this fresh!

If you're just making plain ol' coconut milk to put in curries you only shred one or two coconuts depending on the size and how much curry you're brewing up. Then you get a sifty thingamebobsit (probably just called a sift right?) and pour a little water over the top of the shredded coconut and squeeze handfuls of it til you get all the moisture out of it. Repeat til all is used up and you get about 2-3 cups of coconut milk.

But, I digress... we're not making coconut milk, because of the large quantity of shreds, we put it in another kinky machine to squeeze the crapsicola out of it (coincidently enough making coconut milk!) but stoke up a roaring devil's in town fire, put a huge wok over it and pour the glorious substance into it to heat up, boil and bubble for about 3 hours constantly stirring. As you can see the volume decreases as it turns into oil. There's a heap of coconut remnants left in the bottom that are used in or sprinkled on top of Thai sweets. Made banana fritters today in the oil and oh my golly gosh what a humungo difference to the taste, cooking it in coconut oil. Lushalicious!

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thailandchani said...

Very interesting! :)



Jenny Beattie said...

Yum yum, Mel. I've spent many years hating coconut because of the dessicating process turns it yuk in my opinion. But fresh coconut, and any curry with coconut milk in it sends me to heaven....

Mel said...

Chani - Yeah, I thought so too! It's the first time I've seen it done.

jj - the smell would just drive you fresh, so heavenly!