Tuesday 9 October 2007

Kids on motorbikes in Thailand...

As much as a wonderland Thailand is, it is not without its myriad of disturbing occurrences. One of these is that kids ride motorbikes. Not even that they are passengers without helmets which is disturbing enough...it's that kids as young as 5 are driving them. Predominantly it's kids about 10 years and over driving (passenger kids are as young as a day old being held one armed by the driver...eek!!) but just to show how young they get here's a pic of my neighbour's kid driving. He's not just sitting there posing (he nearly hit me driving toward me!)...he is actually allowed to drive this thing with passengers! Just yesterday he was driving on the main road with semi-heavy traffic with his grandmother (who can drive) sitting behind him. A few days a week he'll have a bit of a hoon around our back yards and if he gets close to the road people will stop him, but many times if his parents or grandparents are with him, he's allowed to be in control! They all think it's really cute and have a good laugh!! He was in anuban (pre-school) last year! He's only in grade 1 for goodness sake!

Oh my! J's just seen my post and said in all seriousness.."It's got 3 wheels, it's not dangerous in the yard"! Oh.my.dear.lord...I asked him what would happen if he drove up a hill or hit a hole (of which there are many in the yard) and flipped the bike on top of himself? Oh, blank stare, slight laugh...oh yeah, that might be a little dangerous!!! Sometimes the differences between cultures is astonishing!

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Carol said...

It is something I will never get used to about living here!! You see entire families on the bikes driving through Bangkok Traffic at rush hour with not a helmet to be seen!!

(Did once see two people and a pig on a bike which I have to admit did make me laugh!!)

Chris has a term for this kind of thing.....he refers to it as NFC (No Future Concept)

C x

Brunty said...

Hey Mel. Here in Ubon I see little kids aroud the 7-8 year mark with three on a bike ride into the market to buy stuff for mum and dad or grandma and pa.

There is a policeman at the market who watches over everything and he mainly smiles at these kids or pats them on their heads when they arrive.

You have to love Thailand.

Mel said...

I love the pigs on bikes! Was it a 2 wheeler or 3 (I've only seen them on 3 wheelers)? Unfortunately my husband suffers from NFC..can be a little frustrating sometimes!

Brunty - try 5 on a bike..their bodies are so little they fit so many on one bike and hoon off..gotta love the cops in this country hey!

Carol said...

It was a two wheeler and the girl was holding the pig at arms length - not sure who looked more terrified....the girl or the pig!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Indeed, with 3 wheels and in the yard, no need to worry ;-p

(beware you may already have the mother syndrome :) )

Anonymous said...

I agree mother Mel, I expect to see your children riding independently from the age of 2 or younger as they will be "very advanced". :)

Mel said...

C - that's hilarious!

TC - My motherly neurosis are already showing...my poor future children!!

T - What are you talking about 2? As soon as they're walking I can put platforms on their feet to reach the pedals! Can't have them lagging behind.