Sunday 7 October 2007

There's a possibility that I'm Wonder Woman

Like oh my gad man...I saw 4 farangs (AKA foreigners, white people, dudes) today! I usually see, on average...oooh about 1 farang per this was HUGE! Coincidently enough I also discovered that I have incredible super powers...I can turn invisible in less than a split second!! Crazy stuff I know... The first 3 were old dudes in town where my astonishing powers became apparent when, with a big smile and excited "hello", the first guy couldn't even see me, obvious by his hard stare focused straight ahead, the middle dude I think must be a little bit receptive to the supernatural because I think I heard a faint "hello", but just to prove my theory on my new powers, the 3rd guy also looked straight THROUGH me....I'm kinda thinking I'm way cool right I'm morphing into a superhero or something!

The 4th dude just rode past my house on a motorbike so I couldn't test out my strange new abilities on him...I was just in shock to see another whitey in my actual village!

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Amy T said...

Farang losers - oops, I mean guys, tend (on average) to be real a-holes toward farang women. They've convinced themselves that we're all fat hairy b!tches who do nothing but screetch about feminism. They've usually come from a dismally failed relationship from their home country.

I've turned invisible on too many occasions to count, so I make them invisible too, which suits me just fine. However, any farang woman expat I've encountered in Thailand has been nothing but gracious.

One a side note: One farang woman even gave up her seat for me on the Skytrain when I was seven months pregnant - the Thais couldn't be bothered because they thougtht I was merely fat. My husband was always furious about that when we went out so we didn't go out much.

Sorry for such a rant, it's just that I relate so well and with much indignation!

Mel said...

ooh, hit the spot there Amy! Not sure if you participate in any of the Thailand forums but yeah, it's pretty apparent how a lot of expat men view women here (and in general). I think when you're in a village it's a bit of "you're invading my private village here so I'll pretend you don't exist" kind of thing!

Amy T said...

I haven't participated on the Thai forums, I merely read them, particularily on

I think your point about being in a village is significant. Somehow your presence ruins their perfect fantasy. At least in larger cities one can make other friends who are westerners (esp. with women), so I can understand your need for reaching out and feeling extra snubbed when you're ignored.

Mel said...

I actually find it amusing getting use wasting energy feeling bad about small minded people!