Saturday 27 October 2007

Pulling the monk Festival

Today is a huge day for my province. They have been celebrating Pon Lak Pra (Drum Beating Pulling Monk Festival!) for the last 7 days with today being the grand finale. Last night we went into town to check things out and the city lights were looking mighty prurdy.

Did a bit of Batik painting... got a mini Picasso on our hands I think...

Got it on with some show girls...

Then today, right outside our house was a street parade with floats housing a Buddha statue, a monk and musicians playing drums and cymbals, being pulled along by the people! As it passes your house you can run and join in pulling it along. The floats are pulled from each local temple to the place of the festival (a couple of ks). Mr 3 was in a permanent state of bliss dancing and playing imaginary drums for hours!

This annual festival has lots of fun competitions including climbing a greased up super slippery pole to try and get the money at the top. After failing miserably multiple times they were allowed to cheat by helping each other get to the top. The kids were much more successful standing 3 high (their pole was shorter). The guys had a tower of 3 and still couldn't reach the top until they stood on the bottom ones head for the extra height! That's like 140 kilos balancing on his head!

They also had water boxing where the first one knocked off is the loser.

Ladies getting a blessing from the monk with water (which he threw all over my camera with a cheeky look in his eye!!). So much fun to be had...such a good laugh today!

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Carol said...

That looks like so much fun!! Your photo's are fab!!

C x

Mel said...

Thanx! Am quite loving the novelty of having photos with good colour!