Thursday 4 October 2007

Don't quit your day job....

I'm sure I've given the impression that all I do is sit on the internet all day (not too far from the truth!) and go for little trips around my village all the time. Not so!! We actually do some work..sometimes! This is what we do....we have our lovely post office which has amusing origins...just after I moved here, I was getting a lot of mail from friends and fam, so one day when the postman was dropping off a parcel, he asked J if we would like to be the village post office! Who in their right mind could refuse such an offer! We've had heaps of people ask us how they too can become a post office, but alas ! we are the elite special ones....only one per village...perhaps this puts us in a dangerous position... someone could take us out in their desire to be THE POST OFFICE.

We also have a small internet biz going on and do all types of officey work like typing (which I actually love cos it helps me learn how to string proper sentences together and get familiarity with Thai spelling), fax, copy, selling booky stuff, translating, yada yada...Definitely not what I had in mind as my career but it's all a learning curve. Hope to expand into other things later when we have our own space, but that's all just fantasy at the moment.

Oh yeah, not to mention cutting rubber, which you've heard about before here

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ok - I've read this post now!! :-P