Tuesday 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

Bit of a quiet evening in the ville. We went cruisin' the hood on the moped (yes, we are that cool) at about 9pm and found an awfully depressing "festival" attended by about 50 people... 40 of whom were selling something. I think the rain and the muddy location was the turnoff. So, we cruised again til we came upon another gathering, this one had about 200 revelers but we didn't stick around too long cos it was the same ol same ol little girls dancing like 80s Madonnas and **BAD** karaoke. Not enough to dazzle me I'm afraid. I ended up bringing in the New Year fast asleep and waking up at 12.45am with the cover of my book suctioned to my face... I am one wild child baby.

Had a lurvly last meal of the year luncheeown yesterday at Songkhla Lake in Khao Chai Son District. We consumed delectable Pla Sum Lee Tord (Crispy Fried Kingfish topped with Spicy Mango Salad) and Tom Yum Taley (Spicy Seafood Soup). Yumallooo..was divine and I swear that when I have my own kitchen I shall endeavour to cook like this 90% of the time. Healthy, fresh, colourful, spicy and tasty.

They also served up a lovely view of Songkhla Lake (biggest fresh water lake in Asia) and fooled me into thinking I was back in Australia with all the magnificent gum trees (eucalypts) splattered around.

Teiw Tut (Scenic View) Resort and Restaurant also has these cute little air-con bungalows on the shoreline but as we filched some of the greenery I didn't think it appropriate to ask the price!

Hope everyone had a fantabulous start to 2008!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mel!

Wish you a lazy year ;-)

Mel said...

haha Mr Kikiat..why the name change? I think I like Mr Buffalo ;-p Hope you had a lovely New Year!