Friday 28 December 2007

Food glorious food in Hat Yai

Hat Yai is pretty famous for being the food mecca of southern Thailand. The fried chicken here is beyond delectable...arghlalguh yumalicious. Even in Bangkok I've seen the Had Yai Fried Chicken stands. When in the big smoke (every 3 months) I always dose up on farang food which I just can't get in my province but it wasn't until Boxing Day that I discovered the joy of buffets! My visitors are gonna kick my butt that they missed out on $4 all you can eat opportunities!

Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel is part of the the Lee Gardens Shopping Centre complete with movie cinemas, Sizzler, McDonalds and other foodie places that appeal to the masses. Nice rooms for 1200 baht including breakfast, but best of all they serve BUFFET meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The dinner buffet is offered on the 33rd floor with panorama views of the big ugly city. Unfortunately we didn't have room in our already full belliosos for dins but we had the breaky which is relegated to the 6th floor....but the gloriousness of the spread more then made up for lack of panorama!

They have most things on offer from choice selection of fresh fruits, pancakes, waffles, toast, eggs, sausages, rice soup, chicken soup, fried rice, drumsticks, tempura vege, chips, coffee/tea/chocolate, milk, juice...on and on and on! The only thing they didn't have was muesli and yoghurt which is my personal fav breaky meal, but I did forgive them the faux pas as my stomach was beyond fullness and I was ready to roll out of there! This is the view from the 6th floor. All this for only 100 baht (A$3.50). Dinner and lunch costs 180 baht for the buffet.

They also do 3 buffets a day directly across the road at Novotel Hotel but it's a few baht more expensive. Will have to try that one next time! So if you're ever in Hat Yai and want a more than decent feed, get yourself to an all you can eat buffet for a couple of bucks!

3 commentaramas:

Anonymous said...

Excellent tip! No longer will I be stuck with the usual curry when we come to Hat Yai :)

Mel said...

haha! Glad to help...gorge yourself silly :-D

me said...

Hadyai Fried Chicken is the best chicken I ever ate.

It has been 13 years since I last had it :)