Thursday 17 January 2008

Hello, my name is Drunk.....

My neighbour, 3 doors up, has the most gorgeous 8 year old identical twin boys. They came to play internet games at our house yesterday and it dawned on me that I don't know their names. The eldest by a few minutes is "Beer". The younger twin is "Wine". They have a 3 year old little brother named "Spy" (sa-pai in Thai). I not. Thais think it's "so cute".

What's cute is that their 24 year old mother met their father at school, as he was her Maths Teacher (he's 50 something). I am not making this was very controversial in the hood and people still gossip about it (obviously!). But since they have been together for 9 years it's much more acceptable now (obviously).

Other kids' names in the village include Film, Cream, Fern, Bank, Dome and Ice. Ice is kinda cool...

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Ange said...

it's scary that "beer" seems like a perfectly normal nickname to me now! my all time favorite is "bogus" with the cute uni couple "off" and "on" coming in a close second.

ps. good luck with application process!

lotsmore said...

umm those names are nothing!
In the past I have taught:
-just, titty and porn
-copter(after helicopter)
-pee pee
what I now find weird are my kids with names like Louise or David. But the all booze family is very interesting.

Carol said...

Moon's husband's name is pen (as in biro!!) her daughter's name is Blue and her son's name means Sunflower!!

I think I may have been living here too long but I kinda like copter!!

(Don't say anything Mel about Chris calling me donut!!)

C x

Blog said...

My personal fav is Simcard!

Mel said...

Well, that's made me laugh out loud! My neighbours are obviously pretty boring compared to pizza and Simcard!

M -They love the porn in Thailand!

C - you were obviously destined to live in Thailand :-D

Thanks Ange!

Bec said...

P's best mate called his daughter, yes a girl, Guitar. We have a neice called ploy but since she got fat they have started calling her Moo (Pig). lol

lotsmore said...

ah yes that reminds me, our newest niece is named gotta love that, particularly because she is so chubby she kind of resembles one.