Sunday 27 January 2008

Dancing Bird Waterfall

This is one of my favourite waterfalls located about 20 kms from our place. It's not the biggest, nor is it the smallest, but it's superbly luscious and always brings peace to my restless soul! Most of the time we also have the entire waterfall to ourselves which makes it particularly special to be floating in the pools, surrounded by dense forest with only the sounds of nature. This waterfall is not accessible in rainy season due to the steep dirt road leading up to it turns into a mud slide so we haven't been for quite a long time. As it was, driving up there was quite the adventure since half the road had been washed away from all the rain. A bit of two-wheel driving never hurt anyone! Once you get to the top the walk back down to the falls is steep and muddy but only about a 50 metre drop if you take a tumble!

As clean and sparkly as the water was, twas a wee bit nippy, so only took a micro and out in less then 5 minutes!

4 commentaramas:

Jenny Beattie said...

Oh it does look very inviting, nonetheless.

Carol said...

It looks stunning Mel although I have to say that I'm not so sure about the bike ride up to it!!

C x

Mel said...

It is a lovely area, just a bit neglected cos of the rainy season. We went up in a car and was a bit scary due to the caved in dirt road! Just as we were leaving two boys rode up on a motorbike and rode down that path in the picture!! Couldn't believe it because it's nearly vertical, straight down!

Anonymous said...

Looks so amazingly awesome!!! I want to go there now - it's so rainy and cold here (PDX) gosh I'm jealous!