Wednesday 16 January 2008


I've become a bit of a slack bott lately with this blog. Is it because the luster has worn off? Is it because not much is going on in the ville? Is it because I'm trying to think of large, impressive words to put on my resume without being highly repetitious? hmm, I choose all of the above!

Have to think about the possibility of a Thai City Life blog! I wonder if it's possible that by the pure will of positive thinking I can manifest this job. It will be perfect in every way and I will enter phase two of my fantasy life! As you can see I'm already living in a purely fantasmic world...

2 commentaramas:

Carol said...

How about antidisistablishmentarianismn.....That's a pretty big word :-)

C x

Mel said...

That's definitely impressive...I'll try and slip it into my selection criteria!!