Saturday 5 January 2008

Girly Day...

Hoorah for girly days... the first of many I think. Many a year I have spent on my lonesome here in the village (ah, not counting the husband of course!) but today I drove to Trang (on my own) which is about 70 km from our village. Not a huge accomplishment in itself I know, but exciting none the less. With my hair blowing in the breeze, the cassette tape of early 90s grunge rock on full ball and me singing my little lungs out with a big smile on my face, I felt like a mother-in-lawless teenager again! Ah, the freedom of ditching the husband for a few hours!

The purpose of driving across provincial boundaries? To visit a lovely lass who's also married to a Thai dude. I'm thinking of starting the THC committee - something about Thai husbands and club stuff, you know (I'm trying not to groan at my own comment there). It's just that we're starting to pop up everywhere. Before stumbling upon the Thai Visa Forum I seriously thought I was one of about 3 couples in the entire world made up of farang (foreign) woman with a Thai man. Not so, not so. We are spreading across the globe. I am now friends (via the wonderful web) with 6 couples in the same boat... the boat may be sailing on different, slightly richer waters, but I feel the bond.... I feel the luurve.

Great thing about my girly morning (apart from the fantabulous company and goss) was **FARANG FOOD**. Go the Chicken Burger and Fries mam.

Also, very amusingly, I was pulled over by the police (first time ever in 3 years!) for doing an apparently illegal u-turn on the main drag in Trang! There was no sign damn it saying No U-Turn! Why did I commit such a heinous crime? Because I was following the motorbike in front of me at the traffic lights who helmetlessly did the u-turn and it turns out he's a cop. He tried to "fine" me 500 baht but feigning ignorance of a foreign language should never be underestimated. Big smile, big wai...see you later alligator.

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Jenny Beattie said...

Oooh, nice move on the U-turn, Mel, I am seriously impressed.

Amy T said...

The Thai Visa Forum is addictive. I'm far more a lurker, but I do like the Ladies in Thailand section and am posting now and then after a long reprieve. Little secret: After I had been bitching in that forum after a Thai guy broke my heart, my future husband PM'd me saying that not all Thai men are like that jerk and would I mind a first date? The rest is history, but will always be in my heart since that's where my husband first 'met' me. :) :)

Amy T said...

PS: Please email me your username so I can find you and add you as my friend! My username is Amyji.

Carol said...

Girly days rock!! I'm glad you are finally managing to have some

C x

Ps. It's quite amazing what a nice smile and a polite wai can get you isn't it :-)

Mel said...


Nice to see you on the forum Amy ;-D That is so incredibly romantic.. I love hearing how we met stories!

Yes, a girly day once every few months will definitely be better than once a year!!