Monday 20 August 2007

The world spins again...

Hurrah hurrah, Thailand voted YES to the new constitution and no apparent dramas followed. There will now be an election before the year is out to vote in a democratically elected government and all will be well with the world again (cough cough).

For some reason my beloved free aerobics classes haven't been running the last few days..feeling quite bereft, was becoming quite attached to getting down to Thai techno and Bon Jovi remixes.

Spent this morning painting the inside of our house which the folks just added 2 new rooms to. Looking very professionally painted if I do say so myself. J and I had painstakingly detailed the bottom of all the walls in a pale green colour to match the rest of the paint and it was looking pretty swish. Then, late this afternoon, after not seeing motherinlaw for quite some time, she reemerges quiet as a mouse from one of the new bedrooms with paint brush in hand! A BIG DIRTY BROWN paintbrush. I had some pretty unholy thoughts at that moment. She had gone and painted a 20 cm pooh brown border around the entire bottom of every wall.

She hadn't used any type of measuring tool or tape to create straight edges, she just did it from sight (coke bottom glasses sight at that!). Unbelievable! Not sure where to go from here..whether to leave it, in all its hideousness or to pick up that brown brush and fix it. There unfortunately is no option of painting over it...I'm not quite up to facing her wrath!

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