Saturday 25 August 2007

My house has been invaded by lil' elves...

Got woken up again this morning by J's mother yodelling for us to come downstairs at 5 am! Tomorrow will probably be 4:30 at the rate she's going this week! What a surprise when we dragged ourselves downstairs though..our house had been taken over by 8 lil elves! How cute are they, seriously!

Now this photo is J's mother and the typical facial expression she has (click for larger view, if you must).

Just to be fair and balance out my karmic presence, here is one of her smiling. I think it's the first time I've ever seen her smile in nearly 3 years (she has teeth?)!

The oldies in my village have a big parade in town today for a sports carnival.

2 commentaramas:

Anonymous said...

Hey cousin

Great blog. Very funny. And I love the photos your mother-in-law!


Mel said...

Hey Jade

Great to hear from you!! Keeps me sane being able to write something in English!