Friday 31 August 2007

Am I showing too much cleavage?

I've decided to age 40 or so years overnight cos it seems to me that to be over 70 in rural Thailand you are better able to deal with the heat. Let me neighbour, a lovely lady in her mid 70s, loves to get around wearing a sarong around her waist and a shirt, just bouncing in the breeze. And this is no ordinary bra, it's a raunchorama, red lacy bra (I'm talking nipple action here) and no one bats an eyelid because a) she's old and b) she's not alone in doing this. No no, it seems that once you pass the 70 year threshold, you can suddenly show your bazoomas to the world without consequences. She is the only one I've seen in lacy, racy colours though...the others usually restrict themselves to more demure 6 hooks in the back, off white stunners with a pocket between the breasts for stowing cash! Mrs Free & Easy doesn't just confine herself to around the house either, she'll quite happily go visit people or drop into the local minimart in such attire.

Every time I see her around in this state I always ask my husband "If she can wear that, why can't I wear a singlet?". His exasperated sigh never fails to deliver "Because she's old" I'm the dumbest person on the planet for not knowing the obvious! The thing is, and it's something I've never been able to figure out, is that I can hang out in just a sarong, revealing my shoulders and cleavage, but I'm a hoe if I get around in a singlet (seriously, you should see the looks!). Needless to say that since living in the village I no longer wear singlets/skinny strap shirts, but get me into touristville and I'm living in them! Now, how is it that it's not offensive to show more skin in a sarong, then I do in a confounds me eternally....

So, I've decided that on my 70th birthday I'm going to celebrate my new found freedom and go all out...stuff the bra, I've waited 40 years just to cool down in this oppressive heat...where's the minimart dear?

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Anonymous said...

you go girl!!!!

i truly enjoy your blog!!!


Mel said...

Thanks ;-)