Saturday 18 August 2007

Thank goodness for Muslim Restaurants!!!

Another party warming this time, not the usual funeral or monk affair. About 100 people and what was on the menu? Moo (that's pork in Thai...seriously!). Nothing else...pork soup, pork curry and grilled pork, that was it! After having about 10 people ask what I was going to eat (because I'm quite famously known to not eat pork - even sellers at the city market know I don't eat it!) something had to be done to alleviate the situation. Luckily for me there was a Muslim restaurant just next door to the party so we went and bought a Panang Chicken Curry and took it back to the party!

The house warming was celebrating J's cousin's new 2 million baht (~100 grand) monstrosity of a house. If only I took my camera! Its 2 levels of fluorescent green paint, floor and curtains are trimmed with a lovely shade of bright pink and the entire mansion contains 5 rooms in total. The bedroom and bathroom upstairs and the kitchen, another bathroom and a tennis court size "lounge" room with nothing in it downstairs, and that's it. The entire block is literally can't even walk around the perimeter of the house because it fills the block on 3 sides!

Thais are big on "show". As long as it's big and people know how much you spent on it, it doesn't really matter if it makes you physically ill to look at it because for 2 million baht everyone automatically tells you it's beautiful! J's parents were devastated when we laid our foundation dirt for our future house about 20 metres from the road behind a huge tree. So much so that they didn't talk to us for the entire day! They were pretty hung up on the whole "show" thing and putting the house right on the roadside and couldn't understand why we wanted to "hide" the house! I am pretty hung up on the privacy, away from loud road thing myself, so I won out...painful foreign daughter-in-law that I am!

Forgot to mention...yes indeed, there was Karaoke! Wasn't very spectacular tonight though as it was quite early and people weren't very intoxicated. Bet it's going off now though! I on the other hand am going to sleep...

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