Saturday 11 August 2007

Trouble in Paradise

What a week! From about Tuesday until last night I've wanted a divorce from my usually fantabulous husband who had completely stabbed me in the back! I might be being a little dramatic, but only slightly. Here I am, innocently working on the computer on Tuesday when we get a couple of visitors - my uncle-in-law and his friend. Both are highly respected School Principals. I should have seen the signs.

A little background....I HATE TEACHING!!! I tried teaching English in a local village school for 3 months and I think it aged me 10 years and has forever traumatised me for teaching again in Thailand. The teachers are lazy, the students lazier and absolutely everything English related is put onto the white gal (because I speak English, I know everything...of course!). In my short stint at teaching I was often placed in front of large groups of students (can be hundreds!) and told to sing or play an English game. Having no previous teacher training, this is no easy task off the top of my head.

Anyway, back to beloved husband....After quite some time of the men talking outside, I finally go out to see what's going on and J has signed me up for a 2 day English Camp! Not happy Jan..Thai's can't say no - this is something that I both love and loathe. J just couldn't say no to the gang up from the teachers, even knowing that I would do something very extreme to his nether regions... I guess in hindsight he was quite brave! Respect for elders is more extreme than fear of loosing one's manhood from wife! Needless to say I've survived it all...and it was quite fun at times, but really, entertaining 200 ten year olds for two days is not really my thing. I'll be having nightmares about singing the Hokey Pokey on a microphone in front of the masses for years to come, I'm sure! So will they come to think of it...

Watching the dozens of crazy monkeys chasing all the children for food was probably the most entertaining part of the camp!

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