Friday 24 August 2007

No sleep tonight....

Went to another party last night, this time a wedding. Yesterday was obviously a very auspicious day as half the village was having a party. At 9 o'clock last night I could hear karaoke from 3 different parties within a km of my house. The party last night was huge! Probably more than 200 people...and I could actually eat without having to bring my own curry! Of course it was the fish gut curry, but also had spicy yellow fish curry and some burn your ass off dipping that dip! Thais are always so surprised when they see I can eat super spicy food. They seriously think that all foreigners only eat hamburgers, bread and pizza! It does put you off your food a bit when whole tables of people stop what they're doing just to watch you eat though!

The folks have a party hire you can imagine, great business in Thailand. They hire out tents, chairs, tables, plates, cooking stuff...everything you'd need for a party, they hire out. This week is a crazy week for the biz. J was called out of bed by mother dear this morning at 5:45am to go and help his dad pull down tents and go to another party to put them all up again! Did I mention that we're really over living with the parents!

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