Thursday 6 March 2008

Parties Galore...

I'm sure I've mentioned before that there are certain times of the year that are particularly auspicious in Thailand. I believe the days are determined by ancient rituals held by Buddha, his disciples, monks and the particular alignment of the planets. I'm totally being serious here.

So, it seems this week is duperliciously auspicious due to the ridiculous number of parties going on in the ville. Today I went to a wedding party at 1pm and an hour later walked directly across the street to attend a funeral party. Same family, karaoke set up at both, spaced approximately 15 metres apart! Should be fun for all their neighbours. The actual wedding ceremony is tomorrow so it was just another sit down, eat up, give a donation and leave type deal today without any fanfare (hence no photos). People who are invited can show up any of the 3 days the wedding is held for or any of the 7 days the funeral is held for.

What was on the menu today? Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know that I'm a non-pork, non-beef eater and every single gazillion party held in Southern Thailand predominantly only serve these meaty disgusts and possibly one fish gut curry (see photo...hmm!). Totally the norm, obviously not a lot of Muslims in my area. Today was no different. Plate of rice, scoop of fish guts and a couple of slices of cucumber. yarrr-mee. BUT they did have sticky red rice with delectable sweet stuff accompanying it which more then made up for the guts. Over to the funeral we politely refused more food at least 7 times but sat for a chatski for politeness, then scadaddled back home so J could assist papa dear set up 4 more tents for a party down the road (family biz = party hire... yes it is quite lucrative!)

Late this arv, the folks ordered us to go to another party (pre-monk initiation) because they had to attend a different one in the opposite direction. I made J go on his own though because I'm thinking that if I have to put any more fish guts down my gob today I will probably end up expressively regurgitating it, making for an ugly scene. This picture is how you buy the fish guts if any of you are interested.

Just driving back from the parties this arv, there were at least 5 houses in our street with tents, tables and chairs all set up. Go the planetary alignment. AND fab news is that there is a Chinese style wedding this week which I live for. LIVE for damn it! 7 course meal, all scrumalicious and usually not a piggy or mooball to be seen in the place. See here for one I documented last year. Hope the folks don't rip this one away from us!!

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Anonymous said...

Just party party that all you do there? 5555!

Seriously though, how do you stomach the fish guts? I've never been able to, but then I don't avoid the mooballs and oinkers.

I've tried to get my wife to explain about the auspicious dates, but haven't gotten a really good explanation so far. Guess you'll just have to enjoy the week :>)