Saturday 15 March 2008

No problem

It's been a bit quiet for a few days with a lull in parties but got to go to another Chinese style 8 course wedding one again today at lunch time.... but with a twist. We weren't exactly invited. J's uncle owns the restaurant and the guy getting married was a Vietnamese-Aussie dude marrying a village girl, so he thought I'd like a gander.

Just as we arrived the wedded couple were singing a karaoke duet in English which was such a treat. Then he made a little speech in English which she translated while everyone was feeding their faces with the same scrumptious array seen in pics on my previous post. J and I ate on the sly in the kitchen! The couple won't be living in the ville as he works in Pattaya so they just came back for the family wedding. It was quite amusing when the bride (who was stunning in a long sleeve wedding dress - not sure if it was traditional Vietnamese style, or old style Thai) threw the bouquet to a crowd of highly excited ladies... now that, I have never seen at a Thai wedding!

I didn't take any photos today though as sometimes I get a bit of a complex doing the touristy photo shoots at stranger's weddings. One of the restaurant's waitresses dumped her super cutorarama 6 month baby on me anyway the second I walked in the door, so I was kinda distracted! No clucking in the corner please!

And, just as a side note... this was my dinner tonight! Uncle gave us a fish left over from the wedding..not sure where the crabs came from but they were super fresh. Yumola!

3 commentaramas:

Jenny Beattie said...

Oh dear God, Mel. Those shell things - crabs? Lobsters? Eeeewugh.
Sorry. Just. Can't. Do. It.

Mel said...

haha! Bit squeemish are we?! They (crabs) were yummy but a tad difficult to open! (you know I'll be seeing you again very soon!)xx

Carol said...

Ooooohhh JJ you don't know what your missing!!!

I'm not making any clucky noises at all Mel - just want you to know that!!

C x