Saturday 1 March 2008

Important Visitor

Yesterday must have been a highly auspicious day in the ville as the Governor of our province did a house call to our lovely friend who is always doing great work in the community and also visited the local temple. Great news as it meant a huge assortment of free food, and I am quite the sucker for a free delishy feed. Check out this buffet of about 15 curries, Thai salads and deserts. Yumola! Also on offer were peel your own bamboo stick to eat the coconut sticky rice inside. It's not so easy to peel these suckers! I waited til we got home and bashed it with a hammer to break it open! Cheater extreme.

After feeding ourselves to ridiculous levels of fullness, we high tailed to friend's house to help prepare for the official's visit. We put all her boards of all the projects she's done in the village along the driveway for him to peruse. This ended up being futile as it started pissing down with rain just as we finished putting them up!

She did a bit of a fishing demo. These fish ponds have gone up in every second house in the village in the last 3's the latest trend which is quite fab as people can be more sustainable and even make money by selling the fish. Very easy and cheap to build and maintain.

She had lots of demonstration areas like this one where she teaches people how to make different types of fertiliser and dish washing liquid without using chemicals. Not to mention the edible frogs they were bagging up. Actually these ones aren't for eating, they're for breeding and cost 300 baht for one! It became hysterical when they put all the frogs in the red bags in a big bowl and left them and 5 minutes later they all started escaping. High entertainment! But then they put them in plastic bags which was nauseatingly disturbing. And later presented it to the governor! He looked really impressed (see below).

And then he came...oh exalted one. The Provincial Governor. It always fascinates me watching Thais around 'powerful' people. The respect they are given is just beyond imagination. It is also a small part of why I think corruption is rampant in Thailand because they go unquestioned because they are so important, but that's another waffle. This dude seemed genuinely nice and interested in what was going on.

On his arrival he was seated on a dais with flowers, slightly elevated above the crowd, like a monk actually. Then the speeches started..then when it was his turn everyone crowded around eagerly smiling widely. After his half hour visit and just before leaving he was bombarded by everyone, and I mean everyone wanting their photo taken with him (including my husband who was very excited with Mr Gov asking me lots of questions). Our photo didn't turn out unfortunately as I think the dude had never touched a camera in his life! J was very disappointed to put it lightly! I love days like this :-D

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Bec said...

it's all go in the vill hey!!! I really dislike the toadying that so many (usually older) thais do to "officials" they do it to doctors, teachers & lawyers too, basically anyone who is seen to be educated must be right!!!. So frustrating, they are people & make mistakes, can be ,can be good, can be downright evil but just cause they hold a tite or position must make them somehow above the common people.

Luckily P doesn't subscribe to that school of thought anymore, too many years living with me & in UK where we really have the freedom to critise & question I suppose but it is one of my pet peeves. Got to add that to my list of things :)

Oh & only 4 days to go. woo hoo

Mel said...

Yep, it's insane this week! J usually doesn't subscribe to the groveling either..much. Sometimes, depending who it is, but he was a bit taken with this dude! Have to get him into my culture where they throw eggs at the Prime Minister!! haha

So hope we have good timing and can meet!!xx