Tuesday 4 March 2008

Southern Thai Music

I have a new found respect for Manora singers. If you haven't read my post on southern Thai music, either scroll down to the next post or click here to see the post and watch a couple of video clips. The dude started singing at around 8pm and didn't stop til nearly 4 am the next morning... without stopping! I am not joking. It was impossible to sleep with the sound vibrations gently moving the hairs on my arms to and fro so I was watching the clock every 20 minutes (and when he did stop they put on a tape of equally deafening local music). Apparently the all night vigil was like a sign of respect by playing local Thai folk music for my deceased neighbour's sending off, so putting it that way made it less painful... sleep schneep, who needs it anyway!

Thais seem to have this innate ability to talk and talk, and talk if they are asked to make a speech. I've always found it phenomenal as I run out of things to say after about 30 seconds... or rather I'm self conscious of boring people to death so just shut my face. Thais don't have that. They'll talk about anything as I think it must be impolite to speak for less then 10 minutes if you're asked to talk, judging by what I've seen here. Relevant how? Manora singing is basically talking with a tune and this guy should surely get a world record. Respect to my homies dude, I am officially impressed.

We were treated to our third night of home made fireworks last night..lovely lovely.

2 commentaramas:

Anonymous said...

Love the homemade fireworks, not so much the Manora music. I like my sleep and haven't developed the Thai's ability to sleep no matter what the noise level is, or even where they are at the moment! I've gotta think this wake is almost over, will be looking forward to the next posts.

Mel said...

Unfortunately I can't sleep through it either and they have a lot of karaoke in my village! It was an incredibly emotional day yesterday but today is now the big clean up. I love your site btw :-)