Saturday 8 March 2008

Thai Wedding Party Gorge Out

The 8 course wedding party heartily lived up to expectations last night. It was a relatively small party with about 120 guests. People started arriving around 5pm and when the tables were predominantly full at around 5.20pm the first course rolled out. I was the only woman at my table of 7 drinking men. It turned out to be quite amusing because after I took a photo of the first course they then wouldn't touch the food until I snapped a picture! I forgot a couple of times and had the whole table waiting to eat. Very polite gentlemen indeed.

These multi-course wedding parties are called "Toh Chien" literally Chinese Table in the tradition of a Chinese wedding.

The top pix are the happy couple, the entrance into the restaurant, the creepy hood ornament on the wedding car and some of the guests seated.

Let me delve into the details to excite your senses.

First course: nibblies of lemon grass salad, cashew nuts, salty eggs with fresh ginger, bite sized pastry like things, that weren't really pastry, filled with some sort of coconutty mixture and pineapple in the centre.

Second course: Huge salad with tempura king prawns (to die for, die.for. Delicious!)

Third course: Krapoh Pla (fish fat soup!) Soup with yumola mushrooms, shredded chicken, coriander and apparently big globs of fish fat.

Fourth course: Pork with gravy and vegetables. Looked good and they seemed to enjoy it!

Fifth course: Steamed fish with lemongrass, coriander and chilli

Sixth course: Seafood Tom Yum

Seventh course: Fried Rice

Eighth course: Rambutan fruit in syrup. By this course I was so full that I didn't have complete control over my senses and was too slow in taking a picture before the men devoured it.

The eating went for an hour which was interspersed with speeches from theparents, the bride and groom and some not so bad karaoke. After all the guests had arrived the wedded couple goes around to personally thank each person for coming. When arriving at our table the groom was quite chuffed to say thank you to me in English. He was aglow...very cute!

And of course, of course, the night would not have been complete without 8 giant karaoke speakers on both sides of the stage. There's a dude walking by that gives a good indication how big these suckers are.

It seems we're not finished yet with the parties. The neighbour directly across the street from us (the fried chicken lady) is setting up for a monk party tonight. This is also our Pu Yai Ban's house (Village Leader). His son, the one going to do a brief stunt in monkhood went AWOL from the army last year so is officially in hiding (for the next 20 years, I kid you not), so the party will thankfully be a small affair. Only one tent and only 4 karaoke speakers have been set up.

Was a fab night. Should have some monk party ones later from the neighbour's do.

6 commentaramas:

Unknown said...

I went to Chiang Mai about two weeks back and had the opportunity of attending a 9 course Chinese dinner. I must say, that it's different compared to the ones in your pictures. Yours look more like Thai Chinese dishes and in Chiang Mai, it's more Chinese than Thai. Just a point. I must try the Southern Thai Chinese dinner one day.

Amy T said...

Hope you arrived hungry cause that was a LOT of food!! I got to go to a couple of weddings as well, although I can't remember spedifically if they were Thai/Chinese. ALL weddings seem to have an abundance of food and booze.

PS: Any word about your job opp in BKK?

Carol said...

OMG Mel.....I am now STARVING!!! God that food looks good (am in danger of dribbling on my keyboard....must go...)

C x

Mel said...

It is soooo much food! If you do get the chance to go to one of these parties, jump jump jump to it!

(still no word officially)

Unknown said...

love the way they did the fried rice lol :)

Anonymous said...

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