Friday 7 March 2008

Party Profiteering

Just in case anyone is interested in the financial side of hard partying Thais - the week long funeral for my neighbour cost just under 100,000 baht (~A$3,500). Whoa, I hear you shreaking. But wait there's more. Every person that comes to eat at the party makes a donation. They made 200,000 baht from donations. Noice, very noice. This is the real reason I think a lot of people hold the big monk parties. Of course it's being completely cynical but becoming a monk for 2 weeks isn't really telling the world you're doing it for the 'right' reasons and all multi-day parties bring in this kind of cash. It's huge!

I'm off to the Chinese style wedding (because it's 7 courses - obviously a Chinese thing!) soon, so hope to post pics tomorrow.

4 commentaramas:

Carol said...

Hope you have a lovely time hon - looking forward to hearing all about it!!

C x

Mel said...

Oooh, I'm still full and it's nearly been 24 hours!! Was these events!

Anonymous said...

Yep, we had the "gifts" at our weding and I was completely surprised and shocked when they totaled enough to pay for the wedding with some profit as well. Not quite like a western wedding is it?

Hope you had a great time at the Chinese wedding...I'm off to read that post now. Just catching up after a weekend away.

Blog said...

That's Nung's argument for inviting lots of people to our wedding so we can make a profit. Not sure I like my wedding day being turned into a money making scheme, although I guess it's an alternative to getting wedding presents.