Monday 17 December 2007

Just call me Noah...

The news this evening confirmed my suspicions...that the rainy season in southern Thailand is dragging on ridiculously long. It's not enough that I have mould spots on my clothes and my bedding is perpetually just a little bit damp for the last 3 months, but there is literally no end in sight! Narathiwat Province, which is not that far from here, is experiencing the worst flooding in 40 years. The following news article showed the unusually heavy snow storms that parts of America are experiencing at the mo.

So, being the thinker that I am, it led to the obvious connection of how every continent on earth is experiencing undeniably strange weather (floods, snow, drought) and increasingly catastrophic disasters (earthquakes, volcanic activity, floods, droughts, etc). Of course it's taken the politicians long enough to actually take any action which certainly stems from their fear of shelling out even more cash rather then any actual concern for mother earth. Previously the pollies denied global warming was a reality caused by our own behaviour, regardless of the facts, they claimed it too expensive and far too financially damaging to industry to change anything. It hasn't been until the last year or so that the latest projections show that to do nothing, to take no action will actually be infinitely more costly for the global repair bill. Scientists who have been aware of GW for decades but getting nowhere in talks with the all powerful politicians had to change tac to make it a financial issue rather then a theworldisfuctifwedon'tchange issue. This is reminding me that I should see An Inconvenient Truth by ol' Mr. Gore (I'm so disconnected here!).

A few indicators of a distressed world:
myriad countries reporting hottest year on record in the last decade
unprecedented glacial melting
rising sea levels
longest droughts on record
highest rainfall on record
increasing intensity of tropical storms
...and that's just the tip of the rapidly disappearing iceberg...

If you want to read more country specific indicators check out this slightly dated but really interesting website

I've got to say that I'm pretty happy that the new fearless leader of Aussieville Kevin Rudd had finally signed the Kyoto Protocol that stagnant John Howard refused to sign for the last decade. Hoorah for change people!

Speaking of change, I'm gonna ditch the bungalow plan and start building an ark...

4 commentaramas:

thailandchani said...

It seemed to me the rainy season was going on ridiculously long, too.

As for "An Inconvenient Truth", get the book. It's better. :)

Carol said...

It's stopped raining here Noah but we're not getting anything close to a cool season!!

The GW warning signs have been there for ages - bloody politicians and big businessmen just can't see past the ends of their money driven noses!! It's infuriating that the decisions of an elite few seriously effect the lives of everyone else!!

C x

Unknown said...

Glad that now I know you're Noah. I'm in Malaysia bordering the Narathiwat province. Sun is shining and the flooding is increasing. A dam in Thai broke and caused the water level to rise here. I'll holler if I need rescuing.

Mel said...

I'll take that advice Chani :-D books are usually always better then the films (except Lord of the Rings!!)

C - baesterds that's for sure, completely infuriating, but at least something is finally happening.. slowly but surely (almost like Thai Time!)

Sangy - Hope your house is not under water! Ours is just out of reach but one km away is about 30-50 cm under (near the dam). Most houses are on stilts though. I'm only a holler away to rescue you (and a few hundred kms!)