Tuesday 18 December 2007

When a Tree falls, does anyone hear it?

Oh indeedy we do hear it! Loud and with a slightly accelerated heart beat (for the men that are standing under it!). Some big ass trees met their maker today and although karma will surely bite my bottom, I was rejoicing for their demise. They are the trees of our not too futuristic bungalow!! Hoorah hooray skipidy doo and da...

Was quite exciting to see it all going down. First we stood around for about half an hour while the dudes tried to sling shot a piece of thin rope attached to a weight into the first branch. Try after try it would hit too high or too low..it had to be in the perfect position. When it finally caught, they threaded a thicker rope through and a third time an even thicker rope. The purpose? To pull the tree in the right direction (as you can see J and FIL doing on the right). I've never seen anyone move so fast as the tree toppled right where they were standing a millisecond previous!

Then the second tree came down just a winds started howling and the heavens threatened to open up again. This mama was a bit of a stickler however and needed a bit of assistance. The tightroper was literally doing this as the tree started falling. This is no 20 year old..this dude is about 60! Limber fella.

It's all about taking little steps to get there!

2 commentaramas:

Carol said...

I am quite disappointed.....I was really rather hoping you were going to stick to your Arc plan!!

C x

Anonymous said...

Much more interesting than going to Bunnings to buy some wood