Sunday 23 December 2007

Thailand Votes in a New Government

It's voting day today! People started dribbling in around 7 am this morning to our local sala (like a small town hall) that is just across the street from our house. Very quiet affair actually.

This is my
forecast for the very near future -->

Pig Man is the new Prime Minister of Thailand.

Mass protests (organised by Sonthi) in Bangkok citing corruption of various sorts including vote buying and receiving secret funding from former corrupt PM, Taksin.

The army don't agree with the new democratically elected government but knowing they can't stage another coup (basically because the King asked them not to, but not in as many words of course) they do all in their power to find legitimate corruption allegations toward pig man and his party...which they will but going on Thai time this government has no worries for at least another year.

So I guess it's a welcome back Taksin and goodbye to any semblance of corruption free politics in Thailand.

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