Friday 28 December 2007

Christmas in Hat Yai

I used to hate Hat Yai with a passion. Every single time I went there I'd get hopelessly lost, driving in endless circles of streets that look exactly the same. Lots of traffic, dirty buildings and millions of people is not generally my thing. So I don't know if it was the Christmas cheer that warmed my spirit to the big ugly city, but Hat Yai is definitely growing on me.

Stayed at Kings Hotel which is one street away from the Hat Yai Train Station, 2 blocks from the huge local markets and 3 blocks from the main tourist strip that has farang delicacies like KFC, Maccas and Sizzlers (which have not passed my lips in over a decade!). Only 400 baht for a clean air-con room with pay TV and HOT WATER!! The stuff I live for damn it! That 20 minute shower of standing under purely hot water feeling more pleasure than is justified by something so benign as water was absolute **BLISS**. My life has become so simple!

It was quite surprising to see the Christmas festivities in Hat Yai considering Thailand is 95% Buddhist. The number of Chinese and Malaysian tourists around was phenomenal though. There was a special Chrissy show on for 4 days with singing and dancing and also saw a lady boy dance off competition which was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening!

The thing that put a warm glow in my belly though was the petrol station on the drive to Hat Yai but outside of the city. They were blaring out Jingle Bells and other Chrissy tunes and all the super jolly servo attendants were wearing Santa hats. A brilliant way to start my Christmas morning so far from home!

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