Friday 1 February 2008

Parades R Us

Monday was Community Volunteer Day and husband dearest took part in a parade and was even special enough to be a flag carrier! Although I guess I should concede that others were also the special ones. I was like a squealing groupy on the sidelines taking photos (minus the squeals and pigtails). The procession involved about 500 people all dressed in either black or white in remembrance of the late Princess who Thailand is mourning for 100 days. Apart from being the lead groupy, I was also the Transporter, as per usual with 10 ladies in white in the back of the pickup. J is the leader of the community activities group in our village so often has to do stuff like this. I'm sure Active Parade Participant would be highly regarded on his resume!

I'm still in job application mode obviously but since we're living the life of Thai Time, not a word as to whether my adventures are soon to become city adventures. Closing date was a week ago today, not that I'm counting the minutes and milliseconds til my potential release from the house of doom or anything. I do however have a backup plan to ensure I am not living the hermatic life dominated by a pint sized beasty for much longer!! Aha, plans ahoy and all shall be revealed in time, my friends, in time! (that be Thai Time, so you may be waiting a while ;-)

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Carol said...

As i've already told you.....I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

C x