Tuesday 5 February 2008

In the beginning...

Today was a lil bit special... Not only because it was dearheart husband's birthday, but today we also celebrate the very moment that we first met, all those (several!) years ago. Let me take you strollin'...

Twas mid afternoon on a rip roaringly hot day that February 5th long past. I had taken 2 days off from the volunteer centre at Khao Lak to do a visa run to oh so unlovely Ranong. Gruesome border run that one! Black, oily rivers and having to trudge through sludge if the tide is out to get to the boat is not a pleasant experience!! After having finished my visa run I had stopped in at an internet shop to check my email and a Swiss dude next to me starts a convo with me about the fact that he has a huge box of tools to deliver to the tsunami affected area. "Well!" I exclaimed merrily, "isn't it just a coincidence that I am working in the very area you wish to go, bring me your tools oh messenger you"...or along those lines anyhoo, memories faded a little since then! Then, mid conversation Mr Cuteo futurehusbandtobe walks in with a face splitting smile to light up my life for all of approximately 1 minute of hellos, then goodbyes, with Mr. Swiss promising to deliver the tools to the Tsunami Centre.

So, a couple of weeks pass and I didn't think of it again UNTIL one fabulous morning I walk out the front of the centre to see that amazing smiling little guy again (the future husband!) and the soon to be realised complete ass of a Swiss guy standing, as promised with a massive box of all the tools you could think of! Within minutes Jay is hauled off to start working with a group of Thai folk building stuff and next thing you know, it's 3 days later and Mr. Smiley is inviting me to his village to take a break from the centre... he's promising hot springs, lush waterfalls, tropical gorgeousity...how could I possibly refuse! And the rest as they say, is history... well, after going back to work at the centre for a few more months and J and I alternately visiting each other every couple of weeks, I eventually moved to the ville and we got married 7 months later...can't go living in sin y'all! Actually, it was more of a when you know, you know scenario, so why wait cos I'm obviously quite comfortable living in hell as demonstrated by my ability to live with evil incarnate for the last 2 years, nine months!

Photos show the happy birthday boy with gourmet lunch.
Lunch was Pla Dook Fu = crispy cat fish and mango salad (highly recommend this as it's my absolute hands down favourite Thai dish when made correctly!)
Kua Kling Gai Ban = round roasted house chicken! Only recommended if you want to burn your stomach lining off, have a burning ring of fire in the morning and want to eat lots of bones.
Tom Yum Tale = spicy sour seafood soup (yumalicious and then some)
The lovely restaurant..

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Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful - I'm still here - still reading your blog, albeit sporadically! Happy Belated Birthday to that smiley husby of yours (who I hope I get to meet - in freakin May!!) Think of you often - will Facebook message you soon...

Carol said...

Awww.....it was lovely reading the story of how you guys met....I'm feeling all soppy now!!!

Happy Birthday to J

C x

Amy T said...

Happy Birthday Jay! That lunch looks delicous and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how you met. What is the last photo of, the gardens and building are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Mel said...

hey beck, glad you're still hanging aboot;-)

C - collective awww huh?! J says thank you :-D

Thanks Amy, J got pretty excited to see messages for him..haha That's the restaurant we ate at...very nice find.