Friday 22 February 2008

Bangkok Interview, Fab Food and Fab Friends

What a week! Firstly, the interview was fab fab fab, to put it lightly. All my research over the last month, all the 50 pages of hundreds of potential interview questions I might be asked, led me to that interview room with surprising confidence. They allowed me to peruse the interview questions for a few minutes before the attack, and I actually laughed when I saw it.... 4 questions!! Huge sigh of relief. Next, onto the interrogation room where I was met by 2 lovely Aussie dudes and a Thai chic, 2 smiling.... I was feelin' good. The interview only took about 20 minutes and felt more like a friendly chat and I walked out with big smiles and hoping like hellooga that this will be my new work abode in the not too distant future. As expected, everything is running on muted Thai Time, so they won't let me know for 3 weeks or so! Actually, the boss is going on holidays so they weren't sure if a decision will be made before or after the holiday.

Nextly, I got to meet 2 of my faborama blog friends who reside in Bangkok... and I realised within 5 minutes of talking to them that I actually do put 'rama' on the end of words when I'm talking in the flesh! hmm, embarrassment! Will have to curb that if I become some sort of professional office worker! Anyhoo, jj from Tea Stains, and Carol from Only in Thailand, are 2 of the most lovely, generous women I have ever met and I praise the day I decided to start a blog as I've 'met' so many amazing people through it. I originally didn't tell anyone about this blog cos I was just venting my need to 'speak' English to someone (I'm very friendly with my computer!) but then somewhere along the line decided to go public with it, and a fine decision it was.

We had decided to meet for lunch, and knowing that they are ladies who 'do lunch' ;-p, I left the decision to the experts. So, off we went to a Lebanese restaurant that unfortunately I can't give free press to as I've forgotten the name, by oh my lordy lord, if I wasn't transported to an alternate reality of divine bliss eating that sumptuous food. Oh, the variety, oh the vine leaves, oh the falafel and dips and bibs and bobs. If I hadn't already loved those gals, I would have fallen right then and there!

A sign of good things to come is that I really enjoyed my flying visit to the big city.. the thought of having friends again is a humongo, top of the list advantage, followed by being able to go shopping. Ooops, how could I forget above all having FREEDOM is of course numero uno!

To go backwards in my story... by some strange lapse in judgment we decided to get the train up to Bangkok. Now, they always tell you it will be a 14 hour trip but without fail, it is never, ever less then 16 hours from here to Bangkok. I have done this trip many a time in various carriages ranging from second class seating air-con, seating fan, sleeper air-con, sleeper fan and had definitely concluded that sleeper air is the most comfy. The trains are in seating position in the daylight hours and at about 7.30pm they change them into beds. Very funky indeed how they change into bunk beds. The top bunk is 100 baht cheaper cos it's about 20cm narrower then the lower bunk. Surprisingly comfortable but this particular ride we were right near the doors so had a craphouse sleep due to the constant opening and closing of the doors for 16 hours.

I spend a bit of time feeling like I have it pretty bad living with my MIL, but I had a reality check in between looking at the gorgeous views on the way to the big city. This man was digging a hole in a field of millions of rocks. About 10 metres away there was another man doing the same thing. Mysterious rock diggers. Note to self.. potential new career to escape the house of doom?

One thing I really love about Bangkok is the excellent transport system. The skytrain and the underground are awesome. This is the underground train... bloody freezing on board but fabulously cheap and easy to get around.

This last pic is my farewell to Suvanabhumi Airport in Bangkok, hope to see you again real soon!

5 commentaramas:

Carol said...

It was fab meeting you honey - you are just as lovely in the flesh as you are on your blog!! I'm seriously hoping you get the job (I can see much shoe shopping in our future :-D).

C x

Ps. The restaurant was called Beirut

Bec said...

I am so happy this went well, good luck, I know the waiting will be even harder than the wait for the interview. All things are still crossed.

Amy T said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your BKK experience and meeting your blogging friends (I read Carol's blog too). Isn't the Internet the best thing ever?!?

Can you tell us (or email me privately) what sort of job you interviewed for? I've always felt like if you didn't work for an embassy, international company or as a teacher, there wasn't much of anything in the way of jobs for farangs.

Blog said...

That sounds great - looks like you'll be free at last!

That restaurant looks amazing too, may have to drag Nung there next time we're in BKK.

Mel said...

C- Oh yes, there will be shoe shopping, oh yes!

Ah - Beirut! There you go Rachel, highly recommend to anyone in Bangkok..super delish!

Bec - thanks love (I'm having Bec withdrawals :-)!!

Amy - yes, loving the internet more and more (if that's possible)'s bringing people together! I shall stop being slack and email you!