Monday 18 February 2008

Gonna eat some popsicles...

Hip yah, hoo ha, hooray and all that jazz! I'm on my way to sunny, smoggy Bangkok this afternoon to meet my fate on Wednesday when I have a job interview!!

I'm feeling like my life events to this point have all been for the sole purpose of getting this job... 3 years in a village will do that to the mind! So now it is blindingly obvious how dire the situation living with the inlaws is in my affectionately termed "house of doom".... choosing a big polluted city with 8 million other people, or quiet, fresh air, rice fields and lots of trees. Let the insanity begin! or continue I should say.

Can't wait to blow this popsicle stand!

8 commentaramas:

Anonymous said...

oh good luck !!!

Bec said...

have a good trip up to the smoke, you are gonna be fine at the interview. Just dazzle them with your intellect, sparkle & wit. Will be crossing all things on wednesday for you :)

Carol said...

I have suits at the ready!!!

See you tomorrow :-D

C x

thailandchani said...

Good luck.. and I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and looking forward to your updates from BKK.

Anonymous said...

good luck sista!!!

everything crossed for you.

BTW. I have a PLAN re the trip. Although need to know where YOU will be living ha ha ha

Looking like It will be early June for the Thailand component

Talk soon

Blog said...

How exciting - wishing you lots of good luck. Escape from the house of doom!!

Anonymous said...

First time here, good luck!!

Mel said...

Thank you all so so much! I could feel you vibing me and I reckon it's in the bag! Will have to wait a while longer til I hear anything though so still cross those fingees for me!

Thanks again :-)