Wednesday 28 November 2007

Our beautiful plot...

This is our fabulous piece of land! The plans have been handed over to the builder for a quote...this builder rocks! He finished building 2 new rooms in our current house in 2 DAYS! He is sooo gonna be finished our new abode by the New Year!!

This greeny view is standing about mid-way on the block looking south. Previously, I thought that our land only went to that first clump of banana trees on the left but J's uncle (the neighbour) told us that it goes all the way back to the tall rubber trees up the back of the photo! Woohoo!

This dirty view is looking north toward the road and is the way the future house will face. I'm not too savvy on wind direction and house placement but I think facing north is good feng shui! We put this dirt down months ago so it would have time to compact through the rainy season. Quite ridiculously, we cut down several banana trees before the dump but failed to get the roots and now it almost looks like a banana plantation cos they just love all that new soil! They grow faster and more prolific than weeds! Lucky I like the narnies..

Spent a couple of hours marking out where the bungi is going to go today (I have lovely puffy blisters on my hands to prove it). We'll be building it quite far down the back to hopefully drown out any noise from the road and the obscene village radio that plays in the mornings (which has been broken for a week allowing me sleep ins, hoorah!). The only mild concern is that there is a structure on the neighbour's land that looks suspiciously like a pig pen (unused) and I'm hoping to dear universal powers that be that they don't have any burning desire to take up pig farming any time the next 50 years! I think I would pay them to just not!

So, we're beyond excitement that things are finally moving!

5 commentaramas:

Carol said...

Your own wee plot of looks fab


if you leave where's she going to put her teeth!!

C x

TracyMcGal said...

What beautiful land! We build houses for a living. I am a contractor along with my brother and father. Women make better builders b/c they know how to make things more like home. Can't wait to see your home go up. Congrats to you!!

lotsmore said...

Soooooooooo exciting!!
applause!! Cheers!!!
So happy for you!

lotsmore said...

yes I finally figured out how to work this damn thing!!

Mel said...

C - ew shudder shudder. I see I've scarred you for life with the visuals too!

T - thanks. I cried when his dad told me it was ours because it is really gorgeous land with lots of trees! Unfortunately this is just a mini version, the house will come later!

Meme - hehe, you know it all! Thanks be you figured it out!