Friday 30 November 2007

Freedom Bungalow

After experiencing a rather intense panic filled nightmare of a day yesterday (being told in essence that I'm not to experience a taste of freedom in the foreseeable future), I'm feeling quite normal again today. The fabulous builder that we were hoping to employ is out of the good books. His quote for the construction of a tiny 4 x 6 metre (including the balcony) bungalow was 100,000 baht (A$3700)! Ba-hoomy flick flick to you home boy... Due to the fact that we have all the wood required and all that is needed is the skilled builder, bit of cement, some polls, a roof and some windows (and potentially some other stuff!), we're at a loss as to how he reached that insane figure... of course keeping in mind we're in THAILAND not in westernville mybathroomrenovationcost$20,000 type situation here. People build entire houses in Thailand for less than 200 000 baht!

After briefly fantasising about how rich and full my life would surely be if we packed up and shipped back to Oz, I came back to earth and realised "this is life". Hurdles come up, you jump it, build a bridge, climb that mountain, get on with it... so, we talked to a couple of uncles today who are going to join forces and help build our freedom house. How did I ever live without having 50 uncles on hand I'm wandering!

One of the uncies has built a couple of lovely bungy type structures such as this, his latest unfinished chill out zone). We've approached this relly at least 7 times to ask his help in building something, anything, but it's quite the challenge to distract him long enough to hold a conversation. He likes to dabble in a bit of gambling. When I say dabble I mean he runs a gambling den from his kitchen which is permanently filled with 4-10 people hitting the cards getting quite excitable. He doesn't even look up when you come in the door (although everyone else will look at you with fear in their eyes cos they think they're busted). The thing is, there will be no bustation.. uncy is conveniently very close friends with and related to the boys in skin tight khakis... and the highly amusing thing is when I was standing outside taking the bungalow picture a cop pulled up on a motorbike and I'm thinking "No fricken way..they're getting busted just when we arrive!", that would go down well. But no, he was just dropping off his mate to join in the game! Ahh, Thailand, the Land of Smiles because it just makes you laugh!

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Anonymous said...


I suppose now is when I tell you that we got hit with a Building Levy to fix our Balcony 2 years ago...

$60,000 . For a Balcony.

Yep. For a few tiles and glass.

ahhh Sydney.

Mel said...

OMFG! And I was sort of joking with the 20 grand bathroom comment!60 is just the hell do they justify that?!