Saturday 19 April 2008

Bangkok Weather brings Enlightenment...

Lord it's hot in Thailand at the mo. Advice to all the lovely people who stumble on my humble bumble blog.... don't come to Thailand in April. It's disgusting. The heat sucks out all the oxygen so you're left to breathe a mixture of moist air particles with carbon monoxide fumes, while the rivers of sweat cascade down your neck and between your bosoms if you are so lucky to have them. Thank god I was wise enough to rent an apartment with aircon.

There's a strange phenomena in Bangkok where you die of heat exhaustion while walking to the skytrain or underground, then board your preferred means of transport only to freeze your butt off. They seriously have the aircon blasting at icicle inducing temperatures...and don't even get me started on the cinema temperatures! We went to see the new Jet Li, Jackie Chan movie, which I didn't actually have any desire to see even though I love the Jet, but it was action which is right up J's alley, and I really enjoyed it, surprisingly. Quite fluffy but the fight scenes between Jet and Jack are pretty cool and definitely provide fluff redemption! And of course it was delightful to have my teeth chattering with the cold while thinking of all the silly folk outside the cinema..

And even through the oppressive heat, I'm still fond of the big city. I sure got a good deal on these glasses, right?!

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Carol said...

It's waaaaay too hot at the moment!! (Much worse than last year!!).

We also went to the movies yesterday - we saw Street Kings. Dear lord.... Keanu.....the man is a plank!!. Actually, Chris thought he was quite good in it till I pointed out that his role didn't require too much actual acting!! Have you seen it yet?

C x

Mel said...

Yep, saw Street Kings but I'm a die hard Keanu fan, I know he's a plank, but a very soft on the eyes plank :-D. Also ended up seeing Blueberry Nights..what a disappointment..quite boring really so don't bother!

TracyMcGal said...

Hi Mel,
I haven't left a comment in a while. We were in Thailand at the end of February. The weather was lovely. Glad we got to travel earlier than expected.
We brought home our sweet Thai boy and it now seems like he has always been with us!
Seth didn't come from an orphanage but a foster home near Bang Sai. Our adoption agency has closed the Thailand program. It will be closed for at least 6 months b/c they said there are more parents than kids available. Odd, huh? Especially from you seeing all of the babies. Maybe it's like here in the US. The babies are not available for adoption.
Hope I didn't take up too much of your time.

Mel said...

Hi Tracy..I've just been reading of all your adventures with Seth. Congratulations, it is such a huge life change for everyone and you can see he looks happier over the weeks! He is gorgeous! It is really strange there are more parents then kids because you couldn't even begin to imagine how many are at the orphanages. All tied up in paperwork I imagine.All the best.