Friday 18 April 2008

Bangkok Orphanage - Pakkred

J (lovely husband) and I spent a couple of hours playing with iddy biddy babies today! My dear friend Carol, whom I seem to mention every post (she's over here), because she is a shining beacon in the mass of nasty city fumes and is the one who introduced me to Pakkred Orphanage. This place really brings home the heartbreaking reality of where so many unwanted children end up in Bangkok... it's incredibly sad, but incredibly heartwarming at the same time. I went for the first time 2 weeks ago with some ladies from the British Women's Group who meet in a car park off Sukumvit Road to board the free mini-van that runs out to the orphanage daily. A 45 minute ride and you're at the orphanage. The shear number of babies is overwhelming. It's quite confronting because it's not something we generally think about. It's in one of those boxes that you know exist, but no follow up thoughts flow.

The orphanage is really well run, very clean, lovely staff and volunteers but obviously not enough to be able to give individual care to each baby in need. That said though, all the bubs are dressed in clean clothes and seem to be well fed. When volunteers go to spend a couple of hours with the kids it gives them some much needed attention and gives them interaction with different people. So, today was my second trip out there and J's first one. Yes, I knew I was running the risk of J going completely clucky nutty (wanted kids last millenia!) but there were a lot of reasons why I wanted him to go. Thais are very resistant to adopting and in the past I've mentioned my potential desire to do just that, met with much apprehension and frownage... all due to Thai culture and family values about caring for your own blood and karma stuff... it's a complicated mass of web so can't really delve into that pond, but J was astounded by 1. the gorgeousity of the babies and 2. the number of kids there is really full on, especially when you consider this is only one of many orphanages in Bangkok. I'm happy to report that J's opinion on adoption has done a complete 360, and his eyes are just a little bit wider.

I think J was hoping to run around like a lunatic playing with the kids today, as he is prone to do in the presence of anyone under 5! Well, his bubba was out for the count for the entire 2 hours, only waking for about a millisecond to have a snack and then lights out again. In the end, it was just easier to join him in dream land! I had a dear, sweeten, only one month old and quite the heart melter. I've well and truly had my heart stolen so I'll be retrieving it from Pakkred whenever I can!

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Amy T said...

What a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL post, Mel. You and J are truly good people. In my personal opinion and instinct about how karma works, I believe you would get extra karmic points for adopting a baby. You and J would be such good parents and I'm so glad to know he's had a change of heart. Let us know what happens!

Carol said...

That photo of J is absolutely priceless!! Sooooo sweet!!

I'm glad he's had his eyes open - it's too easy to pretend it doesn't exist!!

And thanks for saying all those lovely things about me *am blushing and Chris is laughing at me!!*

C x

Mel said...

Thanks for the smiles ladies :-D I feel the same way about the karma thing, and thank you for your lovely comments Amy :-)

C - they're both great pics I reckon! That's the first time J's ever held a new born and it's so typical of him to either be running around like a loon or crashed out! Perhaps I should make a side blog "Ode to Carol"! teehee =D

Anonymous said...

Now you live just down the street I'm happy to lend you my youngest as practice....haha. M

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile since I read your blog - we been busy with our new "Thai" daughter for two months now!! So, I truly appreciate this post and I sure wish all thais could have that enligthenment (sp).