Wednesday 23 July 2008

Blowin' this Popsicle Stand...

Yay! Finally got J’s visa to immigrate to Australia! Only 8 weeks and 4 days of waiting. It’s such a relief to finally know what we are doing and be able to move on with our lives now.

We’ve been back in the village for over a month now spending ‘quality’ time with the folks before our imminent departure.. rapturous fun as you can imagine. Not much going down in the ville (apart from our mountain getting blessed last week which I may blog about yet!), hence the lack of communicado (not to mention being on dial up internet and having to wait approximately 8 minutes for one website to download). We closed the business up and I’ve been churning through the books I brought down from Bangkok. I am now on to a 30 year old book by Shirley MacLain about her found womanhood (!) and the last book I have, which I’m hoping like hell to not get up to, is ‘The Thorn Birds’, which is all I could find in Hat Yai on my last visa run! Quality goods.

Quite undecided if I shall continue writing an oz blog.. I’m thinking… yes! Once we’ve settled in a bit and got some hi-speed connections going on, I reckon we’ll be gallivanting around Brisbane enough to be able to waffle on a bit. Already in the next month I know we are going to the EKKA.. a fun filled week of show bags, rides, fabulous food and fanfare! I haven’t been since I was a kid and I want to throw J right in and see some dinky-die Aussie culture.. a kiddies birthday party and a wedding is also on the agenda. It’s all on folks, edge of your seat stuff!

We’ve got a week left in the ville, then up in Bangkok for 5 days, then on to sunny Brisbane. Can’t wait!!

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Bec said...

I'm gonna miss you vill blogging bff, esp the trials & tribulations of having the mostoer mil from hell, but I am sure the oz blog is gonna be just as good.

Jenny Beattie said...

Hey, so sorry I'm gonna miss your BK visit. Take care, and let us know of any visits! JJx

Anonymous said...

Wo is me, what will keep me sane without the blog.....
But, I am keen to hear the post Thai take on brisvegas so not all is lost.
Can't wait to see you guys.

Amy T said...

At last at last!!!

PLEASE do continue your blog once you're in Australia. You might have to change the name of it a little, though. :)

I would love to know how you and J are doing once you move back and what your transition is like. Besides, there aren't many couples like you and J, and Golf and me, know what I mean?

I've so much enjoyed your posts and you'd better post again before you leave Thailand! :)

Mel said...

Bec - to be honest, I have to admit, I'm over village life! I think if MIL wasn't in the picture, it would be a whole different story, but enough is enough!! I'll try to start the oz blog as soon as we settle in. I posted my computer home today! Got some mighty strange looks at the post office haha xx

JJ - talk about bad timing there! We'll be back in March next year for a couple of weeks so we'll hopefully catch up then. I'll keep up to date with your life thro' your blog though :-D

Trace -I hear I may in fact be seeing you next Saturday lil miss?? You little jetsetter pappo you ;p

Amy - thank you for your always lovely comments! I'm not sure what I'll do about a new blog title..have to see what adventures come up first perhaps! Will keep in touch.

Carol said... can you even think about not having a blog when your in Oz?? (I may have to beat you about the head when I see you next week!!). You must must MUST!!!!

C x

Unknown said...

Yeah, please do keep on writing. Would be good to read about Brisbane, instead of Southern Thai (which was the real reason I read your blog). Take care.