Saturday 21 June 2008

Things I'll Miss About Thailand

Since we'll be leaving the country soon (no, still don't know dates!), I've made a couple of lists that I'll potentially continue to build on...

The Things I'll Miss about living in Thailand:-

  1. Easy going lifestyle
  2. So many smiling, laughing people around
  3. Being part of a real community
  4. The views around my village – mountain ranges, rice paddy fields, rubber tree plantations
  5. My father-in-law
  6. Street stall food and being able to holler out my front door at food vendor people passing on motorbikes to stop and feed me!
  7. Fresh food markets almost daily within a km of my house
  8. Living 15 minutes from half a dozen beautiful waterfalls and a hot spring
  9. How ridiculously cheap everything is (except petrol!)…$1 curries that feed 6 people, 1kg of oranges for 50c, gorgeous tops for $3, weekly grocery shop for 4 people for under $10, etc…
  10. Being told by complete strangers that I’m beautiful (perhaps this should be top of the list!!;-)
  11. Eight course Chinese style weddings every 3 months or so
  12. Having farm animals
  13. Having enormous amounts of space and land
  14. Being able to travel 900 km for less then $20
  15. Living only a few hours away from tropical paradise islands
  16. Seeing the King everywhere you go and the nightly 8pm update on the royal family on every tv channel
  17. Seeing 6 people on a motorbike with a poodle in the front carrier basket
  18. Old ladies walking around in lacy bras with no shirts!
  19. Seeing work men building roads, climbing up scaffolding, tarring roads wearing el cheapo rubber flip flop shoes
  20. Seeing the police wearing those skin tight uniforms (won’t really miss it, but it is amusing!)
  21. Fabulous shoes for under $5
  22. Squalling rain storms

4 commentaramas:

Carol said...

You forgot to mention reasonably priced shoes!!! (Seriously, how could you forget the shoes!!!)

C x

Mel said...

Oh dear! You are dead right! I have fixed my heinous omission! (and added to both lists!)

Carol said...

Ahhhh, Shoes have now been added...all is right with the world again :-D

C x

Anonymous said...

If easy going living is number one on your list of pros, then why the hell are you coming back to Oz????

I would love you to BUT.....
:) xxx Court