Thursday 24 July 2008

Things I'm looking forward to...

It's less then a fortnight to go til we leave Thailand. We're planning on coming back for holidays and a friend's wedding in about 8 months time though.. I think without setting firm dates for coming back to the homeland, J would sink into a fit of depression, so we must have a yearly trip back.

I'm fantasising about western food like nobody's business!!

1. lightly toasted focaccia with sundried tomatoes, avocado and goat's cheese

2. a fat slab of fresh salmon and salad with balsamic dressing

3. real muslie with real, unsweetened yoghurt for breakfast every single day if I want to!

4. eating a huge variety of different food... no more rice twice a day with fish or chicken curry!

5. Cooler weather and not sweating for 18 hours a day!

6. hot showers EVERY day!!

7. real coffee in the morning without adding condensed milk

8. My friends! (definitely number one!)

9. Being able to have time alone again (I swear I am around people/husband every second of every day here! It's not natural damn it!)

10. Being able to read whatever I want, whenever I want! Horah!

hmm...seems to be mostly food related! Sorry friends and family..have to get the priorities right! ;-p

3 commentaramas:

Carol said...

So happy for you honey!!

C x

Mel said...

Thanks C! See you in a couple of days :-D Last day in the village today!!

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