Tuesday 31 July 2007

posting fruit and singing pigs....

The monk party was hilarious...not only did I get to enjoy the Fish Gut Curry, we had a background symphony of 4 pigs squealing for hours! The area where all the tents were set up is usually the area where the pigs roam free...you can imagine the effort that went into de-stinking the place..anyway, our table was only about 4 metres away from a curtained off pig pen!! The pigs were obviously having some major issues about all the intruders making so much noise in their home and really let us know about it...thanks be that I wasn't consuming the little tikes whilst listening to their woe! Champion effort to the karaoke singers who had a good run of at least 12 hours!

Laugh for today - people often send fruit in the mail. The fruit will cost about 50cents a kilo (or free) and then they post it by express post for around $10+!! Fruit is cheap pretty much anywhere in Thailand so it's plain insane...hence the reason J's mother did this today! I guess it's kind of sweet when you think about it..mum just wants her kids to eat some home grown food!

This is an example of what so many people send in the mail, this box of mangostein, cumin (in the bag), fish guts (in the bottles) and something else unknown, cost $35 to send to Bangkok ...click the pic for a bigger view.

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