Sunday 29 July 2007

Down with the Dogs...

Thailand has a thing with dogs.....there are just so many of them, and they're not tucked away in the back yard either, they roam the streets, free and easy. Usually I don't have a problem with them...they don't gang up on me, so I don't gang up on them! But..I do object when they get horny! Oh the noise of it female dog will be followed around day and night for a week or so by 20 male dogs wanting to get some action. The dogs will be any riff raff, mangy thing that hasn't eaten for a month or someone's much loved pooched pet...she doesn't care, they'll all get a go. Once one dog starts howling his woes to the moon the others within a 2 k radius have to answer their brother...what a cacophony!

By the way had the best sleep ever last night....the dogs sang in perfect harmony with the karaoke!

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