Sunday 29 July 2007

Did you say pork?

In preparation for a cousin's monk party tomorrow, J and I drove 80 kms to an aunt's house to pick up a truck load of fruit today. Literally, the whole tray of our Ute was piled high with rambutan, longgong and of my fantasies would have been to just sit in the back and gorge myself, but as others were present I restrained myself, barely.

After returning from the 160 km round trip in the pouring rain, we get back to the pre-party to much appreciation that I’ve driven the distance and arrived with the goods! Six plates of pork curry, steamed pork, beef curry, grilled pork, boiled pork and something not immediately recognizable were placed in front of us and demanded that we must eat! Now, I don’t eat pork….I’ve lived here for years now and still get startled responses from all the same people of “Oh, you don’t eat pork?” followed by whispers of “Is she Muslim?” No, I just really don’t like red meat! It always amuses me that the hundreds of parties I’ve attended since living here the menu is always the same….pork, pork, pork, beef and Nam Kuey Curry (Thai translation: Fish Gut Curry). Luckily over time I’ve developed a taste for this curry, is all I can say!

Laugh for Today - a door to door salesman in our village selling....vacuum cleaners!! Hmm, I bet he thought he was onto a winner trying to sell them somewhere that 100% of the houses are either bare concrete or tiled floors!

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Kat said...

i have just spent two weeks in nakorn si thammarat. lets just say i never want to eat pork ever again.